EvoNation USA Women’s Compression Pantyhose Review

You might have read about just how important a pair of good compression socks is, and that could have tickled your fancy to explore the rest of your options regarding support for your hard-working legs.

You’re probably on this page because you’re looking for an alternative to compression socks, and the good news is that there’s a great garment that can literally change the way you move around on your shift.

We’re talking about EvoNation USA’s Women’s Compression Pantyhose. Before you jump the gun thinking that pantyhose are outdated and gnarly, allow us to help you see things in a new perspective. Please consider our review of these pantyhose, as they could be a good option for you and your workplace, potentially making them worth a second thought.

Why EvoNation Women’s Compression Pantyhose Work

The reason for these pantyhose being so useful is because they offer a tiny bit more compression than lots of regular nursing compression socks. These garments offer graduated compression that tend to go a little higher up the leg, and can help keep your legs out of the dangerous fatigue zone, effectively helping you stride though those long shifts and avoiding vascular problems associated with long periods of standing.

The Garment in Action​

The Compression Pantyhose from EvoNation USA is designed to offer just enough compression on the parts of your body that need it most, when you need it most. With their proprietary compression zone technology, EvoNation has ensured that the pantyhose may help protect the good health of your lower body while still ensuring that you’re at your most comfortable while wearing them.

More on the Material​

These pantyhose are manufactured using a latex-free blend of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. With the inclusion of EvoNation graduated compression zone technology woven into the fabric, the pantyhose has the ability to apply pressure to parts of the lower body that have inadequate circulation.

Benefits of Wearing EvoNation Compression Pantyhose​

​These pantyhose massage and help revive tired legs and may help treat pain, fatigue, swelling, cramps, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clots, and plantar fasciitis. They were manufactured with optimal comfort in mind, and they can be used all day, every day.

We appreciated the fact that these pantyhose stay up and they don’t leave any indentation marks behind. They’re just thick enough to ensure you’ll still be able to slip on any shoes, and the fact that they have a discreet and stylish design means that you can wear them wherever you go!

The Debate on Durability​

Most compression pantyhose garments will wear out and collapse under the pressure of daily wear, but not the EvoNation Compression Pantyhose. These garments are reinforced in the toe and heel area, and since they’re made with durable, machine washable materials, they’ll probably last longer than your early days as a nurse.

EvoNation Compression Pantyhose - Pros and Cons​


  • Offers moderate gradual compression extending up the leg
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Will not slip down
  • Sleek and stylish finishes available
  • Garments are machine washable


  • Might not be ideal for wearing under scrubs


When you take all the benefits into account that the EvoNation USA Women’s Compression Pantyhose brings to the table, they’re really excellent. They offer the full-on support you’d expect from pantyhose, but they feel super comfortable, which is something that doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. If you’ve been looking at a compression pantyhose to try out, you probably couldn’t go wrong by giving this garment a run for its money!

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