Best Medical Bags for Nurses

KOI Medical Unisex Nurse Bag Black

Having a convenient way to store and transport your belongings is a universal desire, not just something limited to nurses. That being said, the nursing profession involves lots of different settings, as well as potentially lots of different equipment, much of which are smaller items that can be difficult to carry in bulk (and don’t forget the long hours of standing – where choosing the right nurse shoes are crucial). For this reason, a good medical bag can make a huge difference for medical professionals like EMT’s, nurses, doctors, athletic therapists, and more.

There are tons of medical bags out there to choose from, which can be a good thing, but it also makes it difficult to know what medical bags are best for nurses (or another specific profession), how they all differ from each other, and what sort of value you are getting out of any given nursing bag. Furthermore, brands can try to sway your decision with fancy product descriptions and trendy appearances, which sometimes coincide with a good overall medical bag, but not always.

Therefore, in this article, we will review our favorite picks for the medical bags for nurses, hopefully allowing you to narrow your decision, or at least gain a better sense of what medical bag is best for you and your profession.

ADC 1024 Nurse/Physician Nylon Medical Equipment Instrument Bag, Dark Green

Made by American Diagnostic Corporation, this company is well known for other medical supplies and devices, such as the ADC Adscope 603 stethoscope. As far as medical bags go in general, the ADC 1024 medical bag offers superior overall value. It’s nothing overly fancy, but but offers a optimum storage of anything you would need to carry.

This medical is crafted with heavy-duty nylon and an 8mm foam padded bottom. The main compartment opens via a double zipper to also reveal an additional interior zippered pockets. There’s also 11 interior gusseted pockets of different size. The total dimensions of the bag are 14″ x 9.5″ x 6″. It also includes an adjustable and removable webbed shoulder strap, as well as two contoured handles for carrying.

Overall, this is an excellent all around medical bag for nurses or any other medical professional. It offers a large storage capacity and good organization without being too restrictive. The ample padding at the bottom is nice as it’s an extra barrier against damage to sensitive items like your bandage scissors or your reflex hammer. The variety of pocket sizes is a good touch because it allows legitimate customization. There isn’t anything really bad that stands out about it, other than that it may be slightly big for someone who just needs something for small pocket items. This is a very well-liked product from a reputable brand, so it comes highly recommended.

Hopkins Medical Products EZ View Medical Bag, Latex Free, Twenty Zippered Pockets, Lockable File Pocket, 600D Waterproof Polyester, Multiple Colors, 14 Inch x 11.75 Inch x 8 Inch, Black

This bag is a similar style to the ADC 1024 Physician and Nurses Medical Bag, but it’s a little beefier and a little more organized. This Hopkins medical bag has 3 main compartments with two fold down compartments that each have 12 pouches that see-through and are resealable. Each fold-down compartment also has six zip-lock see-through bags to store medical dressings (and will probably have some room for your hand cream or even a thick NCLEX review book).

The center of the bag is where they intend for the user to keep more sensitive and often larger equipment, such as a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, pulse oximeter, etc. The two zippered side pouches are large enough to fit a one-quart sharps container, allowing it to remain separate from any of the other contents in the bag.

Overall, this is an excellent medical bag, but you pay a premium for it. We’d say it’s a bit better than the ADC 1024 medical bag; however, you don’t actually get that much more for the increase in cost. It’s a little more robust in terms of protection and more thoughtfully organized, but the ADC isn’t bad for that to begin with. Overall, if it’s well within your budget, then it’s a really nice high-quality medical bag worth having, but if you’re trying keep costs low, then we would recommend something with a little more pronounced value like the ADC 1024.

Prestige Medical Organizer Belt, Black, 2.55 Ounce

This medical bag is quite different in that it’s essentially the bare minimum. It’s primarily meant for nurses who want to store all the items they often have in their scrubs pockets into one central location. Mainly things like pens, penlights, tape, notepads, phone, etc.

While this medical bag is seemingly designed well, and does serve its purpose, all of the little holders and pockets are quite tight, making it a little difficult to quickly remove and place back items into the medical bag. So even though you take items out of your pockets and put them in the bag, you may find yourself with them back in your pockets by the end of the shift!

Overall, this is one of the most simple and cheapest medical bag for nurses. It has limited storage capacity, but is good for the common pocket items that you frequently use, as long as you aren’t too picky with the tight pickets.

DURAGADGET Black Neoprene Case with Carry Handle & Front Storage Pocket (Equipment NOT Included) - Ideal for Storing Your Medical Equipment (Stethoscope/Sphygmomanometer)

This is another small and simple medical bag, but it’s not as small as the Prestige Medical Small Apron Organizer Belt we reviewed above. This is a lightweight neoprene case, available in many different colors, that offers decent protection from knocks and scrapes.

The neoprene material is water-resistant, and the tough dual zip closures helps make sure your equipment is sealed off from the external environment. There’s also an additional zipped front pocket to help provide additional storage. The built in handle is a nice way to transport this medical bag.

Overall, this medical bag is meant to provide an ok amount of storage without any sort of organization. It’s best for nurses who simply want all of their things in one place, but don’t need the upmost organization or protection.

DURAGADGET Black Neoprene Case with Carry Handle & Front Storage Pocket (Equipment NOT Included) - Ideal for Storing Your Medical Equipment (Stethoscope/Sphygmomanometer)
VooDoo Tactical 15-7611001000 Universal Medic Bag, Black

This Voodoo Tactical Universal Medical Bag is quite the item, as it’s extremely tough and durable, meant for some of the most rugged applications. They basically took the design of the US Military’s M3 medic bag and enhanced it with waterproof ballistic materials and added MOLLE compatible fittings so you can wear it on a belt, vest, or pack.

Like some other medical bags of this style, it has three fold out compartments, but still folds into a tight compact case. It comes with a nice shoulder strap, and in total, the bag measures to about 11″ wide x 12″ tall x 4′ deep.

To be honest, this medical bag is likely way more than most nurses need on a daily basis. The design is perfect for many nurses, but the materials used in the construction are perhaps the toughest and most durable out there, which is great, but maybe not worth the money if you’re on a budget.

What Makes A Good Medical Bag?

The best medical bag for you will depend largely on your personal preferences and day-to-day tasks. In our opinion, a good medical bag for nurses will be something with all-around capabilities that allow you to adjust what you need to store and transport at any time. In that sense, it should also be lightweight and a small enough size to easily transport.

One thing to keep an eye out for is multiple pockets, and not just that, but multiple pockets of different sizes. This will allow you to organize your items based on your preferences. Clear plastic is a nice touch sometimes because you can see everything before you open the individual pockets and start rummaging around.

Another key feature that a good medical bag should have is the ability for some pockets to be completely sealed off from a larger portion of the bag. For example, if you need to transport sharps containers or something else that has potential to be unsanitary, it’s often a regulation that you can only transport these types of items within a perfectly sealed environment.

Otherwise just try and think realistically about what you typically have on you day-to-day, and what the absolute most amount of stuff is that will need to be stored in it. Of course, your budget should be a factor as well, and appearance can come into the mix as well if you are considering this as a gift to a nurse or nursing student.  (if you are a medical student, and looking for a nurse backpack you may find this recently published article handy)